A Decade of Telangana: Celebrations and Controversies


As Telangana gears up to celebrate ten years of its formation on June 2, 2024, the state is abuzz with festivities and political drama. Here are the top seven highlights of the occasion:

  • Decade Celebrations: Telangana marks its tenth anniversary with grand celebrations. Both the ruling Congress and the opposition Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) are striving to make their mark during these events.
  • Official Anthem and Emblem: Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has finalized a new state anthem and emblem, which will be unveiled on June 2. The emblem reflects Telangana’s culture and honors the martyrs who fought for the state’s formation. Sonia Gandhi is expected to attend the unveiling.
  • Celebration Events: The state has organized extensive festivities at Parade Grounds and Tank Bund. These include cultural programs, a carnival, a laser show, and food and gaming stalls, ensuring a vibrant and engaging celebration for all.
  • Adivasi Symbols: The new emblem will feature images of Sammakka-Saralamma goddesses and Nagoba, which has been warmly received by Adivasi activists. This inclusion highlights the cultural diversity of Telangana.
  • BRS Opposition: The BRS has strongly opposed the changes to the state emblem, particularly the removal of the Kakatiya Kalatoranam and Charminar symbols. They accuse the Congress of trying to erase important historical symbols of Telangana.
  • BRS Protests: BRS leaders, including former MP B. Vinod Kumar, have staged protests in Warangal and plan a major protest at Charminar led by KTR. They demand the retention of the Kakatiya Kalatoranam and Charminar in the new emblem and have threatened legal action if the Congress proceeds without these symbols.
  • Cultural Tribute: The new anthem, reviewed by prominent figures like Oscar Awardee M.M. Keeravani and Ande Sri, aims to pay tribute to Telangana’s cultural heritage and the sacrifices of its martyrs. However, the Telangana Cine Music Producers’ Association has criticized the choice of Keeravani, arguing that he is not a native Telanganite.

As the state prepares to celebrate its achievements and honor its history, the political tussles add a layer of complexity to the otherwise joyous occasion. Telangana’s decade celebrations promise to be a blend of cultural pride and political debates, reflecting the dynamic nature of the state’s journey so far.


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