Health Hazards Uncovered: Food Safety Task Force Cracks Down in Jubilee Hills


Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – A recent inspection by the Food Safety Commissioner’s Task Force has uncovered alarming health violations at several popular eateries in Jubilee Hills, sparking concerns about food safety and hygiene standards. Here’s a breakdown of the shocking findings:

Makau Kitchen and Bar: A Recipe for Disaster

Contaminated Environment:

Fungal Infestations: Fungus found on multiple surfaces.
Cockroach Infestation: Live cockroaches crawling in the storage area.

Expired Food Items Discarded:

Sneha Chicken
Bull Dog Sauce
Mala’s Orange Marmalade
Tiparos Fish Sauce
Fungus-infected cashew nuts

Total Worth: Rs. 4,970

Naturals Icecream: Melting Safety Standards
Improper Storage:

– Ice-cream stored in unlabelled steel containers.
– Ice-cream cones kept inside the refrigerator without proper labelling.

Health Violations:

– Lack of medical fitness certificates for food handlers.

36 Downtown Brew Pub: Brewing Trouble

Expired Food Products Discarded:
– Sneha Chicken
– Done Mushroom
– Hoisin Sauce

Total Worth: Rs. 4,000
Hygiene Lapses: Failure to adhere to basic hygiene norms.

Food Safety Concerns on the Rise

These discoveries underscore the critical need for rigorous food safety practices and regular inspections to ensure public health. The presence of expired food items and poor hygiene practices at these popular spots highlights a troubling disregard for consumer safety.

Public Reactions and Next Steps

Residents and patrons of these establishments are understandably concerned. The Task Force has mandated immediate corrective actions and will continue to monitor these locations to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. The importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene and proper food handling cannot be overstated, especially in establishments serving large numbers of customers.

Are You Safe?
Before heading out to your favorite eatery, consider the recent findings and make informed choices. Food safety is not just about taste; it’s about your health and well-being.

Stay informed and stay safe!


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